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Tagalog Love Quotes PH

Tagalog Love Quotes Text Messages

Love is defined by people in their own different ways. For some it is kind, compassion, giving, honest, loyal, friendship and many other words that can describe love. Some people are very vocal about their love and some are not. But either way, they like to express their love in a much easier way through letters, greeting cards and text messages.

We all know that Philippines is still the texting capital of the world, which makes Filipinos hungry for happy and sad love quotes, inspiring messages, funny english  and tagalog jokes, pinoy pick-up lines and even motivational quotations that suits their situations. Filipinos are naturally born sweet and with sense of humor. And because of these traits, we always wanted to feel that we are special even in just a simple text message from a love one.

By means of tagalog quotes about love, a man who is in love able to tell a woman how much he love her in a simple and easy way. With these quotations, a man is able to impress a woman. There are also other ways to win over a woman’s heart, they like someone who can pull of some jokes, so be sure you have some pick up lines and jokes ready.

Tagalog Love Quotes in Facebook and other Social Media

For years tagalog quotes had already evolved from a complicated form of text message, like  leetspeak or the Filipino version “jejemon”, into a great style like pictures and memes  making it more interesting and acceptable through the eyes of not only teenagers as well as adult beings. These images are popular in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and is shared to friends daily in a rapid way.

This sharing of quotes in social media indicates that love quotes in tagalog language are continuously growing in terms of style and overall thought. This can be well seen on Facebook because  many groups or pages were created to share their own quotes of love, inspirations and motivations.

love quotes tagalog

The image above are some of the fan pages from Facebook that shares a lot of love quotes written in tagalog. Looking at the “likes” of these communities, it shows that a lot more pages are created day after day.

Tagalog Love Quotes from Famous Personalities

Quotes are things that people have said, it maybe inspirational, word of wisdom, funny, etcetera. Here in the Philippines, there are several personalities that became more popular because of their love quotes.

Bob Ong Love Quotes
These are quotes by a popular author named Bob Ong. He had published several tagalog books that contains lesson in life. His words are easily adapted by the readers because it is fun to read.

Papa Jack Love Quotes
Quotes from a famous radio DJ named John S. Gemperle. He has 2 radio programs in 90.7 Love Radio wherein he gives advice to his caller.

Ramon Bautista Love Quotes
He is a commercial model of known brands, professor, tv host, DJ and an internet superstar. The man behind the hit series on Youtube, Tales from the Friendzone, where his love quotes came from.

Above are some of the personalities that became favorite because of their love quotes.

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Tagalog Love Quotes PH is a web portal for your favorite quotes about relationship. Here at Tagalog Love Quotes PH, you will find a collection of various Tagalog and English quotes appropriate for any occasion, situation, events and experience, may it be about love, about family, about friends and even about inspirations and success.

As we start this new venture in sharing these messages, we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read in this site. May you find these quotes interesting and pass them forward to your friends and loved ones.

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