Tagalog Love Quotes by Papa Jack

Another trending tagalog love quotes circulating on SMS and internet social network websites are quotes by the famous DJ of 90.7 Love Radio, Papa Jack.

John S. Gemperle AKA PAPA JACK was the man behind the two successful radio show and still running as of today, the “True Love Confessions” and “Wild Confessions”, where the listener can call to his show and confess or share their love stories and experiences over the air. The listeners loved his style in hosting the show because he was funny, witty, frank and sometimes sarcastic if he doesn’t like the caller’s attitude.

While talking to the caller, Papa Jack gives advises and some word of wisdom. From there he was quoted by the listener and the known PAPA JACK QUOTES started to circulate. Tagalog love quotes of Papa Jack can be for anyone. Some are happy and funny, sad and in vain, for broken hearts and even for letting go.

 Papa Jack Tagalog Love Quotes

Below is a list of some Papa Jack Quotes we searched for you. Take a while to read and maybe some of these tagalog love quotes is suited for your current situation on love. Some of it might also help you come into realization.

Papa Jack Tagalog Love Quotes

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy these batch of  Papa Jack’s tagalog love quotes. You might also want to check Bob Ong’s  tagalog love quotes here.

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