Sad Love Quotes Tagalog

Hi guys, it’s been several weeks since we updated this site and now we are sharing about Tagalog Sad Love Quotes.

Have you experienced being broken hearted? Have you ever been in a position wherein you can’t do anything but cry? The sense of being alone and no shoulder to cry on? In our life we get sad at times, it can be mild or extreme, but one thing is for sure that it will always come and go.

Being sad is completely normal. It is a matter of how we handle it and how we cope with it. Sometimes sadness is gone instantly and sometimes it take a little bit longer depending on its cause.

As much as we enjoyed reading sweet and cheesy Tagalog quotes, sometimes we are searching for some sad love quotes in Tagalog words to incorporate how we feel. These quotations are for people who experienced heartaches and down mood, people tend to find these love quotes a little comforting especially when its theme is about moving on.

If you have a cellphone, I’m sure that you will always receive a tagalog sad love quotes from a friend who recently had  a breakup or from people we called “emo”. But does this quotes affect us on how we feel? Maybe yes, maybe no. It may worsen the pain or lessen the sadness depending on what outlook a person have.

You find this page because you are searching for some sad love quotes – tagalog. And guess what, you’ve come to the right place because we are featuring several love quotes we collected.


And there you have our Sad Tagalog Quotes about love. It maybe a little bit sad, but we hope you will cope on your sadness fast enough. Life is more enjoyable if we are not sad.

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