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Hello guys, hope you enjoy our previous post about Tagalog Friendship Love Quotes. We are back again for another set of quotations about love, but this time we will feature love quotes from a celebrity just like Papa Jack Quotes.

He is a radio DJ, an actor, a commercial model or product endorser, filmaker and a professor and an author. He is also known as the “Internet Superstar” and a self proclaim “Internet action star”. With these descriptions, maybe you already know whom we are talking about. If you guessed “Ramon Bautista”, then you are correct. He is somewhat “pilosopo” and sarcastic in giving advice but Ramon Bautista Quotes became favorite by the netizens because of his wit and humor.

Sir Ramon Bautista has an online advice program called “Tales from the Friend Zone“. This program features the Filipino youths love problem of being in the “friend zone” (according to wikipedia it refers to a platonic relationship wherein one person wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship, while the other does not ). Love problems that are being featured in the program are submitted in formspring.me account of Ramon Bautista, then he will choose one among the entries and featured on the upcoming episode of the youtube program.

Ramon Bautista also wrote his first book entitled “Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?: At Iba Pang Technique Kung Paano Makaka-Move On sa Wasak na Puso“. The book tackled different situations about love like crushes, friendzone, long distance relationship, no boyfriend since birth, MOMOL or what we call make out make out lang, and how to move on on your past relation ship. The book is definitely a good read with a sense of humor.

Because of the above achievement of this man, Ramon Bautista Quotes or Love Quotes, are now widely searched over on the internet because it can relates to someone’s current love situation.

And now, here are some of our favorite love quotes by Sir Ramon Bautista.


There you have it. That was 15 of the Best Ramon Bautista Love Quotes. There will be more quotations, jokes and pick up lines coming so watch out for it.

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